✨ Pre-Launch Sale for my next course — you’ll learn my favourite methods for getting organised and consistent in your business

We’ll cover:

  • ** The main tools and system I use to stay organised and consistent. My method that helps me take holidays and maintain healthy boundaries so I can transition more easily from work to mum, school times to holiday times etc.
  • ** How I manage my time and how you can start to experiment with your own time love system.
  • ** How to quickly and easily find what you’re looking for on your computer and the internet
  • ** The mindset of creating an organisation and consistency “practice”
  • ** You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with other participants for mutual support and potentially collaborate in your business

Before the sales page for this course is finalised, you can get it at a discount.

Instead of regular rate of $66, enrol for $55 until Monday 13 Feb 11:59pm:


For the dates and times of the calls, see below.

Everything is recorded and sent to you for lifetime access as well.

Looking forward to any questions you may have 🙏🏼



The course is taught in 4 live sessions.

There are 2 x 1-hour teaching calls and 2 x 30-minute Q&A calls so you can get customised responses to your particular situation. 

You also get 2 bonus 30-minute Q&A calls any time in the 12 months from when you buy this course. 

If you can’t attend any sessions, just watch the recordings later. You’ll still get all the key content 👍🏽

The course lasts from Thursday 23 Feb through Tuesday March 7

All calls will be 12pm AEDT (Sydney)

Thursday 23 Feb 12pm – 1-hour teaching call

Tuesday 28 Feb 12pm – 30-minute Q&A call

Thursday 2 Mar 12pm – 1-hour teaching call

Tuesday 7 Mar 12pm – 30-minute Q&A Call

Everything will be recorded and it’s lifetime access once you enrol.

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Whether or not you join this, I hope you experience a way you can find joy when it comes to being organised and consistent in your business on the day to day 🙌🏾

xx Natasha Berta