pre-price rise


Grab a few hours now to be used any time before September 2022 at the 2021 rate

I’ve been working on Bear Hebert’s Freely course to figure out my pricing for 2022. I’m very grateful for her course and recommend it if you’re struggling to figure out your pricing. 

An outcome of doing that work and my inner compass nudges is: it is price rise time for me.

2021 rates were

Done for you $111/h

Face to Face $166/h

2022 rates will be $170 an hour across the board.

To honour you and thank you for working with me so far I’d love to offer you some hours at my current rate. 

How this works:

All credits must be purchased using direct bank transfer

All credits must be used by September 2022. 

Any unused credits are void if not used by September 2022.

If there is a personal crisis of some kind that means you cannot use your credits please get in touch with me as soon as possible. I may consider exceptions with at least 2 week’s notice. 


Done for you credits can be used for website edits + creation, email service edits + creation, Facebook ads management + creation

Face to Face credits can be used for Zoom or in-person sessions

 How do I get some credits?

It’s easy!

Go ahead and email me your desired amount – I will create an invoice for you. And then you can pay via Bank Transfer: please don’t pay via credit card or PayPal. If you do accidentally or if that’s your only way of paying, I will credit you the amount that I receive rather than the hourly amount. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.


thank you so much for being my people