MORE+EASE Summer School

You can retain access of the course library over summer. 

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Add on voxer access m-f 9-3

You can also Voxer me over Summer. If you haven't hung out with me on Voxer before, it's so fab - you might like to give it a crack.

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 What you will get access to:

    Course Library includes:

    Simple Facebook Ads Course

    Paid Workshops Training

    Grow your Word of Mouth and Referrals

    Blogging Best Practices Workshop

    Instagram with Integrity Course

    Create a Group Program Course

    MailChimp Course

    Mailerlite Course

    Gurucan Course

    WP Courseware Course

    Setup your Divi theme website Course

    Loving Launch Course

    Heart+Soul Content Course

    SoulBiz Planning Course

    Weekly Review Course

    YouTube Setup Course

    Free and Easy Podcast Course

    Webinar webinar for Mailerlite Course

    Webinar webinar for MailChimp Course

    SEO Course

    Grow your business with a blog Course

    Get heaps of content ideas without overthinking it Webinar

    Canva and Creativity Course

    Super Freaking Organised and Consistent

    Past Exclusive lesson topics include:

    Seasonal Celebration and Planning

    A Slightly Different Content Strategy for Instagram (or any platform really)


    Reducing Risk

    Mental Frames and the Truth About You

    How to be brave + take vulnerable actions that create intimacy with your audience

    A Pre-launch Energy Practice

    Planning to experience EASE

    Process Document for free webinars

    Process document for course or program creation

    Track your progress + Celebrate!

    Planning tools for the moon lovers and the practice to overcome that feeling that you're not getting anywhere even though you know you have been busy all week

    Setting Expectations so you can do whatever you want and still have people be SUPER happy with your service

    Make a workbook in Canva

    Get Your {thing} Out of Your Head

    Using Chrome Bookmarks bar and folders

    How much {should it cost} {time should it take}

    Asana Training – (Asana task management platform)

    Google Calendar

    Google docs formatting and tips

    Webinar Webinar for Divi theme + Mailerlite

    Launch Insights – an audio will become a podcast episode

    All my summit presentations on one page: HERE

    Your Online Presence

    Organic Audience Growth

    Pre-Launch, Launch + Rest/Integrate

    Blogging and SEO for Blogging

    Image sizing for your website + Canva tips

    Email Marketing – grow – nurture – sell

    + a New module every week

    WTF Voxer

    Voxer is just like Facebook messenger. You can send me a voice message and I can voice message you back. I can review your written copy, I can review things and answer questions, whatever you like.

    Voxer calls themselves a walkie-talkie app. If you decide to bump this on, I will email you my details and how to get connected with me on Voxer. the nice thing baout Voxer is they just like an email address to join and you can use it on mobile, tablet or desktop. 
    Because this offer covers the holiday season there would be a few days I would be unavailable plus I’ll be out of range certain days (national parks camping trip Jan 9-20) so there might be some lag in my response time on certain days.