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Module 1 Calls
Unit 1 Monday Group Call Links and Times
Unit 2 Thursday Group Call Links and Times
Unit 3 Q&A Calls and Links
Module 2 Discounts and Add Ons
Unit 1 MORE+EASE Only bonuses
Module 3 The Facebook Group
Unit 1 A place to connect
Module 4 MORE+EASE Exclusive lessons
Unit 1 Week of June 13: Seasonal celebration and planning
Unit 2 Week of June 20: A Slightly different Content Strategy for Instagram (or any platform really)
Unit 3 Week of June 27: Stalling
Unit 4 Week of July 4: Reducing Risk
Unit 5 Week of July 25: Mental Frames and the Truth about you
Unit 6 Week of August 1: How to be brave + take vulnerable actions that create intimacy with your audience
Unit 7 Past Lessons From the previous rounds of the program
Module 5 Courses
Unit 1 Present Course Access
Unit 2 Past Courses Access
Module 6 Extra Resources
Unit 1 Here are some additional tools and resources I’ve discussed in calls
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