MORE + EASE Group Program 

Natasha acknowledges the Djiringanj people of the Yuin Nation, the custodians of this beautiful land on which she lives and works.

She also pays respect to all Elders on this land and the land where you are.

The spiritual connection that the Djiringanj people have with the Yuin Country cannot be broken.

Sovereignty has never been ceded.

“Thank you for taking such good care of the wild, beautiful places of Araganu, the coastline and forests where I get nurtured.”

Are you dancing the delicate balance between wanting more and needing ease?

You want more:

More revenue

More sales

More client sessions

A bigger audience

You know that you can give more, be more and help more.


You need your business to give you the financial return at the same time as you craft a life that you love. 

I get it. 

This has been my goal for years.

And I am finally getting there. So I want to be there for you as you find your flow.



To have more clients and revenue you need to become magnetic. You need to be sitting in your energetic happy place. You can then draw your ideal clients to you just be being your true self. This is possible for you as it is for me.


Things need to change in your business. If you keep doing what you’ve been doing so far, you’re going to keep getting the same results – you know that right? 

So I need you to be open to trying new things. Open to the possibility that even though you’ve tried that before, it could work out different this time.


We need to get you in front of some new people. There are loads of tactics to improve your reach and I love to help peopple to expand their reach. Growing your audeince is key to selling more and booking more sessions.


Once we get you magnetic, open and reaching more people, expansion is inevitable. You can also do the energetic work on expanding into the new version of you and the new version of your business. 



it’s also just lovely to hang out with some people who “get it”

The beauty of a group program is the shared journey.

We get it: the challenges of online business, working for yourself, being in business and sometimes that feels lonely.

I feel certain that it is going to be a great group of women that come together and share space.

Are you in?

You will get:

12 weeks of live calls

90 minutes per fortnight

Weekly lessons

The entire course library

Any live courses

Group size limited to 5 people

I also want to make it affordable.

There are Regular + VIP options.

You will get:

12 weeks of live calls

1 hour per week

Weekly lessons

The entire course library

Any live courses

Group size limited to 3 people

1 day a week Voxer with Natasha 8am-8pm

5 hours a fortnight live co-working

I also have a “rest of 2022” option:

$700 for the year on the regular plan

From the mouths of biz babes


Calls are on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

There are calls between 9 and 3.

There is one group that has 5pm calls and another that has 830am calls

Call times can be tailored to meet participants needs


There will be weekly calls. Regular plan gets 90 minutes a fortnight, alternating between a 1-hour call and a 30-minute call and VIP’s get an hour a week.

In calls, we do a short grounding practice then I’m all yours. I’ll help you track your goals and suggest courses or next steps.

As well as the dedicated group program calls, there are weekly Q&A’s for course particpants you can join me for and meet the wider community.

You can also jump on the calls of any courses that I’m running while you’re in the program.

Most weeks, there are 2-4 hours of calls where you can join me to grow your business with MORE EASE

Are you nodding?

The next step is a little application form – no big deal though.

I will review your responses and then send you to the payment portal.

Once you apply I’ll send you to the payment portal 🙂 

Need a payment plan? There are loads of options

Please make sure you’ve read these Terms and Conditions, especially the Specific Disclaimer as it relates to the Group Program: your entitlements, your responsibilities and my responsibilities.

Still got questions?

“Natasha is excellent at what she does and is doing. She gently guides you to understand your own individual marketing needs AND how-to make it happen.”