I remember when I learned how to use MailChimp. It was 11’o’clock at night and my eyes were hanging out of my head. I was probably swearing in the half-light trying not to wake anyone with my frustration.

I know how confusing and tricky it can be so once I nailed it I started teaching other people what I know through my YouTube channel with how-to videos.

A lot of people have told me how helpful these are, how easy I make it with my explanations and my unique sense of humor. What beautiful compliments!

I thought I’d create a hub for a bunch of the MailChimp videos to make it easy for people to work through them in order.

So here goes:

 (PLEASE NOTE: a number of these videos are older so my directions aren’t as aplicable because MailChimp have changed the names and placement of things – however the overarching principles still apply.

Aso a number of the features of the free plan have changed so you may not be able to perform these functions on the free account anymore.

I am delivering a Beta version of my MailChimp Group Mentoring March 31-April 30 2021. If you would like support with your MialChimp you might consider joining us there. MORE INFO HERE.)

What should you do first?

Make a list!

Once you’ve logged in and filled out all of the required information to create your account, the best thing to do first is to make a list. Here’s how:

The new look MailChimp

Things look a little different…

Since I made some of these videos, some of the look and feel of MailChimp has changed. Here’s where all the things can be found since the update.

What do all the buttons mean?

Once you’re a little set up – here’s a look around.

You can also watch this one first if you’re just curious about how it all works.

Next! Send your first email.

Now it’s time to send an email.

You’ve got your list, you know what some of the buttons mean – now let’s send your first email to your audience.

Import your contacts

Maybe you don’t have your people in your list yet…

Here’s how to import an Excell file of contacts in to your list.

Create a template for your emails

Don’t recreate the wheel every time.

Here’s how to create a template for your emails so you can save time.

Another way to make templates

Once you send a really great email, you might want to use that style again.

Here’s how to make a template from a previous email you sent out.

Is it worth paying for MailChimp?

Here’s my two-cents on whether or not  you should pay for MailChimp.

If you’re going to take your email to the next level I actually recommend moving over to ActiveCampaign or Kartra.

Edit your social share buttons

If you don’t edit your social share buttons you’ll be sending people to the MailChimp website and Social media

Here’s how to make sure you’re sending your people to YOUR website, Facebook and Instagram etc.

Did you know you can resend to people who didn’t open?

Sometimes people just get busy…

But you can easily resend your email to people who overlooked it the first time. Here’s how.

Write your email on Tuesday and send it on Saturday

The marketing statistics seem to indicate emails convert better on weekends…

But no-one wants to be writing emails on the weekend. Here’s how to schedule your emails and when to send them.

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