Do you want to create videos for your online presence?
Are you a writer of blogs?
If you’d love a robot to do the work for you then you are probably going to love Lumen5.
If the words AI freak you out, or you don’t know what they are – let me explain a little.
AI is artificial intelligence. Which sounds like sci-fi. Which sounds like robots. But it’s actually just a nifty, time-saving video creation tool.
Don’t be frightened.
The future is here and it’s saving you time 🙂
Lumen5 is a free online tool that turns your blog into a video. It’s as simple as putting the URL of your blog into their webpage, reviewing the video it created and then downloading it. 

What I especially love about it:

You get to review the images and words the AI chooses and add more slides. 
It previews the words from. your blog in the sidebar for easy copy and paste to edit the words. 
It has a video library or you can import your own. 
You can do voice overs. 

I’m not an affiliate or anything – but this is nifty and I like it. I hope this helps you today. 

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