Instagram is one of those things that we wonder if we should do. 

What I love about Jonah’s approach to Instagram is the generosity and authenticity at the same time as the practical side of actually focussing on working with clients. 
I highly recommend you follow Jonah if you want to grow your business using Instagram. His tips always light me up and get me excited about Instagram. 

In this interview he shares some great tips on:

  • Why Instagram
  • What to post
  • How to connect with clients with a tiny following 
  • and more.

I hope you enjoy this and find inspiration for your business growth.

Jonah helps coaches, healers, and heart-centered educators grow their instagram following and attract clients. He has been studying online marketing since 2012 and has led over 100 in-person and online workshops. Jonah is also a trainer in Compassionate Communication, a modality that empathises authentic self expression and empathic listening. He combines Compassionate Communication with ethical marketing strategies to create a unique style of marketing that is perfect for solopreneurs who have strong needs to be authentic and respectful as they promote their business.