Have you ever given some time to considering and articulating your values?

Having clarity about your values strengthens your marketing messaging and helps you attract more ideal clients.

It also helps you to focus on what is really important in your sales pages, social media posts and emails.

All good news right?

Let’s get started.

Clarity about your values can help you attract more ideal clients

Do you find that a lot of your clients are just like you?

They are either like you now or they are in the exact position you were in a few years ago or before a recent transformation.

That is why they are drawn to you: you are going to teach them how to make the same leap you did or grow into a new version of themselves through your perspective.

That is all very well and good – but what are your values?

If you are like me, you might not have spent much time journalling or using writing to clarify your values.

Journalling is a recent addition to my toolbox.

Even if you have journalled a lot, can you tell me your top 3 values right now? 

That is what I want you to be able to do at the end of this blog post.

To get started I want you to have a look at this articulate and comprehensive list of values:

This list was provided by Mitlè Southey of the Sistermind. Each month in the Sistermind you access a Guidebook with exercises just like this which I heartily recommend you check out. 

Step One

Read through this list of values. It is print friendly. Alternatively, you can grab a notebook or piece of paper.

You might also like a dictionary to clarify the subtle difference between some of these words.

Now, go through the list of values and circle or write down as many as resonate with you. You can really go for gold here. The first time I did this I circled a LOT of words.

I also LOVE the Desire Map process by Danielle LaPorte and I recommend that process too. This list of values can be a beautiful addition to the Desire Map process, just to give you more words to choose from and consider.

Just seeing certain words helped me uncover their relevance in my life. As if they articulated something I knew deep down but hadn’t been able to give a measure to before.

Step Two

Once you’ve got your big list it’s time to try to nail it down to about 3.

Mine are Connection, Authenticity and Freedom.

I used the Desire Map processes and a number of other journalling and coaching processes to come to this. And it happened over about 3 years!

So in the meantime, I suggest you ‘settle’ on 3 for now and keep it in mind to re-evaluate your values every 6 months or so.

Step Three

Start to use these values conceptually and/or the actual words themselves in your marketing messaging. 

I recommend using them in your:

  • Social Media Posts
  • Paid Ads such as Facebook
  • Email Nurture Sequences
  • and other places where you’re connecting with people who haven’t paid you yet.

The reason that this works is that your ideal clients often share your core values. 

They may be different to you in other ways but the 3 top values will often be similar or the same. 

What you DON’T want to hear about marketing…

Now it’s time to start experimenting. 

What? Experimenting?


This seems to be the one thing that no-one wants to hear about marketing. 

They want results. They want guarantees. They hear about marketing success stories and quantifiable results.

Yes – this is all possible.

And what you don’t hear about in the miracle marketing success stories is: how much money those businesses poured into trialing, research and split testing different messaging approaches just.like.this.one. 

Success stories are built on the back of a lot of experimenting and then looking at their results and trying something else. 

So let’s get started. Now. Today. 

You might just beat your competition to values-driven marketing messages!