Many people come to me because they think that they need a website.

They probably already have a successful face-to-face business and now they would like to sell their service online. But they don’t have a website, they don’t have a Facebook page and they’re  just not sure if they really need those things so that they can sell online.

I would like to tell you number 1: there is no blanket answer to this question.

It’s really fine to just book a chat with me and I can help you make sense of it simply because I know lots of online tools and I love developing the pathways for customers to come to you.

And number two is: that definitely you can make money in your business selling online without a website.

I know because I did that exact thing in my business. I made $10k in before I had a website.

One of the main tools I recommend to people again and again to help them get around having a website is Acuity Scheduling.  I am not at affiliate for acuity anymore so that is not tainting my reasoning for recommending it to you.

I simply recommended it because it’s a versatile tool that can help you at a relatively low Cost compared to the time it takes and the money it takes to set up a website.

There are two versions of acuity basically, there is the free version and there is the paid version.  Personally I try to make-do with the free version because I have another system for receiving payments from clients. However if I didn’t want to have a website I would 100% have the paid version of acuity because of all its features.

Acuity paid version features that I particulary love

You can sell services – single sessions

You can create appointments types within Acuity.  The big bonus about this is that people can go ahead and book themselves in to your calendar without the 15 back and forth emails that it takes to do it manually.   Obviously there are a number of other tools that do this such as Calendly and others.  So  if that is the only feature you need there is no pressure to go with Acuity.

You can take payments

On the paid version of Acuity you can process payments while people book their session.  This ensures you get paid. You don’t have to worry about following up with invoices and possibly even forgetting to bill the client.

You can create packages

 If you would like to sell packages of your sessions you can do that easily in Acuity.  When a customer purchases a package they are given a unique code to use when they redeem their appointments depending on how you have set up your package.

You can create group classes

 If you are selling group classes such as paid webinars and master classes, Acuity is a great way to do this.  You can limit numbers in the class if you wish and you can also create recurring classes like an eight week course or a 6 week course.  Plus you can use Acuity to take the payment for it.

You get options for a lot of follow up emails that are sent automated

This is probably my favourite feature because on the paid version you get a lot of options for follow up emails.  This can be super useful for delivering an online class if you set up weekly reminder emails for that particular class group.

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Are you interested in being mentored and getting one on one support with setting up your Acuity?

I am in the process of developing an Acuity group program and I am looking for beta testers. Please email me if you are interested.  Also keep an eye out for more acuity training videos and posts in the future.

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