Do you need some gorgeous presentation slides for: 
  • a webinar
  • a workshop
  • your online course
  • some other cool thing
  • ??

I love things to be beautiful – and I want them to be functional too. 

So Canva is cool for beauty, but then you have to be online to share them and sometimes the functionality is a bit skew-if. 

And PowerPoint (or Keynote if you’re a Mac user like me) is great for functionality but a bit average on the beauty (in my opinion).

And that’s why I’m sharing my method for gorgeous slides today. I hope it helps. 

The basic steps:

  1. Create your slides in Canva using one of their gorgeous teamplates. The templates are really great for prompting you on content ideas and flow too. 
  2. Export the slides as jpegs. It may come as a compressed (zip) file. That’s ok. 
  3. Open the zip file.
  4. Create the number of blank slides you need in PowerPoint (or Keynote)
  5. Drag your Canva images over into your slides. 
  6. Voila!

I hope this helps you today.

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