Having content published makes everything in your business much easier, particularly reaching new clients and nurturing existing prospective clients.

Isn’t that what we all want more of?

More clients, and more of the people who are already in touch with us to become clients. .

I know that the idea “content makes business easier” sort of seems a bit ironic or it just doesn’t seem congruous.
There’s some kind of dissonance when I say it.
I know, from my own experience in the past, that creative content didn’t always feel easy. It didn’t always feel like “oh, yeah, that’s gonna make things easier”.
It has always felt like “I have to” and it always felt like extra work when I already had so much work to do.

To underpin everything is a preface about how I make content creation itself easy.

I have time slots allocated each week for creating content in my calendar. 

I have an hour a week, which is a writing session. Usually from that writing session will come a blog, a YouTube video and a podcast as well. They all come from that one seed idea. 

The other time slots I have for content creation are regular five-minute slots where I kind of do a five minute challenge with myself: “what can I do in five minutes”, because I really want it to be easy. And I want it to be DONE.

In a 5 minute content challenge I generally do a 60-second Instagram video, or I just try and make a really quick Canva post and do it on this personal time challenge so I don’t fuss over it too much. 

So as well as that one-hour time slot there’s probably three days a week, when I spend five minutes, which sometimes blows out to 10. 

I like to just keep things simple. I like to just get something done rather than having it perfect and shiny. Those are my key tips for how to make content creation easy. 

I can clearly write a whole separate article on that topic, but today, I really do want to talk about how having that content, having that time set aside and having that already created in my business makes these other things that I have to do in my business so much easier.

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1. Having content published makes my newsletter writing much easier

I don’t know about you, but I have an email list. And I want to make sure I’m staying in touch with them + that requires sending a newsletter. This could become another have-to but when I have some content already created, it’s really easy for me to make my newsletter, in fact, it takes me about 15 minutes. 

I write a short personal message to say “hi” and genuinely how I am and what’s up. And that might be a sentence or it could be a paragraph, it just depends how I’m feeling and how much I have to share that seems meaningful and relevant to my people. 

Then I really just write a tiny bit about two bits of content, sometimes more than 2. I actually think it’s a bit overwhelming when I share too much. So I try to just keep it down to two bits of really juicy content that I’ve shared in the past week. I’ll often share something like an Instagram 6o-second video or a blog post or a podcast in my newsletter. And then at the bottom, I’ll mention my offer. 

That’s the other thing: I’ve created content which is around my offer. So that might be in a Facebook group where I’ve got a promotional post, or it could be on my Instagram feed where I’ve got a promotional post. I’ve already written a succinct sort of paragraph or two about my offer and I can easily share that at the bottom of my newsletter. 

So really, it’s just a bit of a copy and paste to create a newsletter. I don’t think that’s a problem because a ton of people aren’t really seeing my content on social media or my blog or podcast, because there’s so much going on in the online world. A newsletter is just a nice way to drop in to the inbox and say “hi” to my people again and just keep them on track with what I’m up to. 

Definitely having existing content makes writing my newsletter much easier. 

Other emails that you might want to send such as nurture sequences or different emails that go with lead magnets or with courses etc…obviously, they are not necessarily going to just come from your content, but they might.

I’ve definitely had MailChimp videos that I created years ago that I ended up turning into a MailChimp course. Not the exact same video, but the content ideas were all already there. Then I was able to repurpose that into a product. 

Content, it’s pretty phenomenal. 

  1. The second way that creating content makes my running my business so much easier is when I want to run ads. 

Most of my ads are simply an engagement ad or a reach ad on some existing piece of content. Definitely the ad that I run to a cool audience is an existing piece of content. 

The cool audience is people who have never seen me or heard me before, they’ve never been to my website or liked me on social media and I have that ad running all the time. That ad is just an engagement ad on a really great piece of content that I created one time I know is really generous. I use that ad to grow my audience + every day I get four to six new people in my audience using that piece of content. 

That ad takes two minutes to set up.

Even I was blown away by how quick I could do it. So I shared that in my group program with my goddesses there and after that some of them were saying “oh yeah, we could do ads”. It is actually quite achievable. Particularly when you’ve already got your content created. 

The other ad that I like to run is to my warm audience. 

I’ve created content and obviously I want people to see it so I like to run an ad to my warm audience of an existing piece of content. I’ve had people in my warm audience say “I just love seeing you in my ads”.

Your people are going to see ads, one way or another. Whether they’re your ads or whether they’re just boring ads. I can verify that my people actually enjoy seeing my ads.

I love knowing that someone is actually seeing my content, rather than my content just sitting there in my Facebook feed, for what reason?? Honestly for what reason?

My third ad is for my offer. Exactly the same as the newsletter trick, this is so easy because I’ve already got a social media post about my current offer that I’m promoting. It’s really quick to turn that into an ad and I run that ad to my warm audience. I can pretty much set those ads up in just two to five minutes so that makes running ads super super easy.

3. The third great thing about your content is it makes it really easy to refer to you.

I guess I was already doing this but I heard my mentor George Kao articulate it so well in a training the other day it just cemented it for me. When someone refers one of their clients to me or one of their friends to me or colleagues to me there’s tons of content on my YouTube.

I’ve been doing that for years and so many of my clients tell me when they get on a freebie chat: “Oh, it’s so nice to meet you. I already feel like I know you because you’re just like you are and I’ve watched some of your YouTube videos”. So I can verify.

This method works if you have some existing content, and someone is going to be referred to you. It makes it really nice for the person when they jump on the free chat with you. Or just helping them decide whether or not you’re the right person for them.

Part of the trick is that I show up as my unashamedly, kooky self and let my total freak flag fly on my videos. I don’t really want super straight people to come and hang out with me. I don’t want people who just aren’t going to be able to handle my personality because I’m not like the girl next door.

I am super, super keen for people to filter themselves out before they think they want to come and hang out with me and work with me. 

There are lots of people who help with websites. There are lots of people that give marketing advice. There are lots of people that help people grow their businesses, lots of people that do exactly what I do, but I am pretty distinctly me. That is what I am really happy with and a ton of my clients like me too. They just like me the way I am.

Your clients probably like you just the way you are. 

If only they could figure out what that was. 

Instead of some sort of saccharin shiny, perfect ideal that you might be putting out there. 

So please try not to do that. 

Try to just be your own self.

Your own self is so beautiful – we love you, and we want to see you, we want to get to know you. 

Yes – it makes being referred to really, really easy when you have content. 

It makes your newsletter easy. And your ads too. 

Your business can feel easy.

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