There is a lot of noise in the online business space about growing your list. 

I’m not into it. 

I prefer Dani Gardner’s approach. 

She was the first one to blow my mind with the “NO LEAD MAGNET” idea. 

Dani was building her list using only a newsletter sign up page on her website. 

More recently she has shifted to no list building other than courses!
I love that. 

However, this is a pretty radical approach  and some of us will still want to grow our email list in other ways.

The way I see it there are 2 options: 

  1. Paid Offers
  2. Free Offers

Paid offers

Small price courses (or any price courses) are a great option for building your list.

I love the Elizabeth Goddard approach of having a $9 course. You can have a few of these to build your list. 

The thing with having a small ticket course is: people who pay for a solution are way more invested in the solution than people who sign up for freebies. 

You can play around with pricing, especially if the thing you’re selling used to be free or could just as easily be free. 

One day I just decided that I wasn’t going to run webinars anymore because they were such good value. I decided to simply sell the exact same amount of giving for $49. 

I sold several courses like this and have been gradually creeping my prices up over time. 

I also have a $9 course and will create another one in the future. 

You can sell something for $1, $4, $9, $12, $29, $44, $50, $55, $75 or $99 or whatever you want. 

Just play around with your offer to find a pricing sweet spot.


Free offers

George Kao does recommend a “Free to Attend – Pay for the Recording” webinar strategy which I haven’t tried yet. 

There’s also the “Free Information Session” option which I have used and works for me. This hasn’t created massive list growth for me but I’m not worried about numbers if I’m getting sales and bundling a heap of free 30 minute chats into one 30 minute call. 

There are many other things you can share for free. eBooks, Guides, Video training, first chapter of your book, workshops, challenges, 7 day email sequences, 21 day email sequences – the sky’s the limit. 

I don’t use any of them at the moment. 

I am not 100% against freebies but I haven’t found it to be a strategy that grew an audience of customers. 

But you should definitely try for yourself. 

The thing is: 

Whether you have a newsletter list sign up, a freebie or a small course, they all need promotion to grow your email list.

So whatever you choose, you still need to pop it in the calendar or launch cycle. You need to make time to talk about the offer so people can take you up on it 🙂 

How to promote the list growth offer 

Some of my methods include low cost ads, sharing with referral partners, posts in Facebook groups and posts on my own social media. 

All the usual ways of connecting with my people. 

What are the places you connect with people and discuss the ways they can hang out with you? What are your promotion channels? 

You need to make time to promote your list or it will not grow, whether the list builder is free or paid. 

She needs your good, loving time and energy to grow.

“I pay my respects and acknowledge the Djirringanj people of the Yuin Nation,  custodians of the land on which I live and work. I also pay respect to all Elders — for their spiritual nurturance of the land and people.”