Ready for a discount on my courses and $50 of credit with me?

Ok – this is how you can get $50 of credit with me AND a discount on my courses….

Pop your details in the sign up form.

You will get redirected to the page to buy the Premium Goody Bag

If you don’t get redirected succesfully, you can go to your inbox and when you get the email: buy the Premium Goody bag.

Then, sign up for my course bundle in the Premium – even if you don’t need them yet – just to help me track your credit xx

I will confirm your credit via email in the next few days and explain how you can use it.

How this works:

🐋 Think of this like a gift voucher, but for yourself.your business

🐋 If you want to spend some or all of your credit, emai lme and I’ll either give you access directly or a coupon code. 

🐋 You can use the credit towards something bigger, or you can get lots of smaller things.

🐋 You can use it for anything I offer (including 1:1 offers)

🐋 Credit can be used between Friday December 3 and Friday June 3.

🐋 Credit is non-refundable, non-transferrable and doesn’t roll over or anything like that.