Do you look and your Facebook™ analytics and wonder:

  • What does it mean?
  • Am I doing well?
  • What should I aim for as a goal?

Today I’m going to explain the most important parts of your Facebook™ “Insights”, what they mean and what you could possibly be aiming for.

There are a video and written instructions but please comment if you need a hand to understand.

First things first

What are the “Insights” or analytics?

When you post on Facebook™, all the data about how many people saw it and how they responded to your post is recorded and { explained } for you in a tab of your business page called “Insights”.

This image shows the tabs up the top there – there is Page, Inbox, Notifications and then Insights ?

So, go ahead and click on the word Insights and you will see what they call the Dashboard.

The Dashboard

Ok, now you’ve clicked Insights, you should be seeing your “Dashboard”. What you see here is a snapshot of what Facebook™ considers to be the most important bits of information relating to the success of your page.

I ignore this page.

That was easy, wasn’t it!

But wait?

Why ignore it?

In my opinion, the most important thing when you are marketing your business is to know and understand your ideal customer very well. So those are the main analytics I will be focussing on today. I like to keep it simple.

A lot of the time when you are trying to monitor your social media with a view to growing your business, it’s easy to get caught up in what is sometimes called “Vanity Numbers”.

These are things like:

  • number of followers
  • number of like
  • page views
  • etc

Don’t get me wrong, these can be important, especially if you are an influencer or you are selling advertising. In that case, you would want to be able to demonstrate that you have a great following.

But if you are trying to connect with people, with a view to serving them – then numbers don’t really matter so much.

Building relationships is what matters. So, that brings us to the next analytic – Posts.

Here is one that counts…

Okay, here is one I think is helpful. Above you can see a tab called “Posts”. Click that one and you should see something like the image here.

Now, what this Insight shows you is what time your followers are on Facebook™ and what numbers show up on the different days of this week.

Now it’s getting relevant!

What does this mean?

This shows you when you are likely to get the most reach for your posts. Your people are online, so if you post right around that time and on those days it’s more likely your ideal audience will see it.

Issues with this:

Facebook™ is essentially “Pay to Play” in my opinion. Especially for businesses.

If you are getting great engagement on your Facebook™ business page AWESOME. But I would say that it’s the exception rather than the rule.

Part of that is because of the Algorithm. It’s a mathematical equation that controls what we all see in our timelines on Facebook™.


Having some understanding of the days and times that your audience are on Facebook™ can definitely help you try to get comments and shares on your posts (these are the best actions to encourage to get in front of more people without having to pay for ads).


Scroll further down the Posts page…

and it should look like this image.

Now you can see what you have posted and what kinds of responses you are getting from your audience and how often Facebook’s™ algorithm decided to put you in front of your audience.

What this one is showing you:

Reach = how many people the post got put in front of

Post Clicks = how many people clicked on the post to watch a video or read more

Reactions, Comments & Shares = how many people Reacted (like, love, wow, angry, sad) to your post, commented on the post or shared it.

This is important.

I recommend you review these at least weekly so you can learn what your audience is responding to.

You can also see what “type” of post it is – image, video, text, link or share. It is important to pay attention to what “type” of posts tend to perform well on your page.

If you find that videos do well then you are best to do more of these. There will be a tipping point – where people stop responding because you have saturated their desire for your videos. So it is important to keep it fresh too.

I recommend cycling between the different types of post -image, video, text, link or share. Try to keep your content personal (pics of you), and novel. Try not to be too predictable. Humans love novelty.

One other thing:

Facebook™ will share more of the content your audience likes. So if a post you have shared starts to get more Reactions, Comments and Shares the algorithm will show it to more of your audience.


AUDIENCE: your audience is simply the people you want to be talking to. Your page likers, but not necessarily. Sometimes people are engaging with you and they haven’t “Liked” your page yet.

Another Important One

As well as knowing what your audience likes, it helpful to know who they are. Are they male or female? What age are they? Where do they live?

Facebook™ can tell you a bunch of things about your audience which is very helpful. Especially, when you are ready to start running ads. You can see here, my main audience is women between 25 and 54.

You can’t control this so I can’t tell you what would be ideal here. This is just super helpful information for you to have. In the case of this page, it would make sense to run a workshop in Sydney since that’s where most of my audience are from. And maybe Melbourne too. See?

Are you doing well?

Well, the only way to tell this is by checking in on these Insights on a regular basis. It would be great if your numbers are growing BUT, like I said before, numbers are not always the goal. If you feel like you are connecting with PEOPLE then I would say you are doing well 🙂

What should you aim for?

I would suggest that you aim to be in dialogue with the people who are liking and commenting on your posts. They are people, not numbers. You should be aiming to build your relationship with them so that when you meet them, they feel like they know you. You should aim to have some steps in place for AFTER social media. Like – what happens after they click on a link to a blog post? Do they book a session, do they sign up for a free eBook? What happens next?

What do you think?

Do you feel like you are making personal connections? Do you want to talk to me more about how I could help you with your marketing?

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