Module 1 How this works
Unit 1 How this works and let's get you started
Module 2 The first 5 - foundation videos
Unit 1 Foundation video #1 - Sections Rows Modules
Unit 2 Foundation Video #2 Creating pages using layouts and making them yours
Unit 3 Foundation Video #3 Making Changes on your Divi site in edit mode
Unit 4 Foundation Video #4 Theme Customiser
Unit 5 Foundation video #5 Social Media Previews
Module 3 A bit more
Unit 1 Getting your images into Divi
Unit 2 Super simple SEO for WordPress
Unit 3 How to put audio recording on your website
Unit 4 How to use Divi layouts
Unit 5 Manage Social Media previews of your WordPress site
Unit 6 How to make buttons and them linked to Acuity scheduler
Module 4 Even More
Unit 1 How to create 2 or 3 (or more) modules in a row
Unit 2 Add 3 blogs as a preview at the bottom of your new blog post
Module 5 Edit my...
Unit 1 Image
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