Module 1 Welcome and What now
Unit 1 What now?
Unit 2 Join Live calls
Module 2 Course Content
Unit 1 What this is and what this isn't
Unit 2 Australian Bush Flower Essence for Integrating and Assimilating new ideas and information
Unit 3 Three Main Actions to Manage Your Email List
Unit 4 Grow Options
Unit 5 Nurture Possibilities
Unit 6 Newsletters
Unit 7 Templates
Unit 8 Automated email sequences
Unit 9 Nurture Email Sequence Templates and resources
Unit 10 Sell Ideas
Unit 11 An example of a selling email and how to get the media and links into your email
Unit 12 Sharing your freebie and the tech process behind eBooks, audios and more
Unit 13 Pop Ups
Unit 14 The tech behind signing up for locked blogs
Unit 15 List hygiene and metrics
Unit 16 Switching Services
Unit 17 The original group program lesson that inspired this course
Unit 18 BONUS: Here are some additional tools and resources I’ve discussed in calls with the Group Program that can support you too
Unit 19 BONUS: Edit videos in Canva