Module 1 Welcome and how this works
Unit 1 Welcome and what you need right now
Unit 2 Feedback
Module 2 Course Call Recordings
Unit 1 Watch the course videos
Module 3 Word of Mouth, Referrals and Affiliates overview
Unit 1 What, why WOM Referrals and Affiliates
Module 4 Clarify your ideal clients and become more magnetic to them
Unit 1 Fun Book for the guided visualisations
Unit 2 Guided Visualisation
Module 5 Identify your Referral networks
Unit 1 Identify your referral partners, WOM champions and affiliates
Module 6 Affiliates
Unit 1 Soul Full Affiliates
Module 7 Remunerating + Rewarding your referers
Unit 1 Rewarding your WOM champions and referral partners
Module 8 Create a repeatable, sustainable WOM referrals system
Unit 1 Making a repeatable system for yourself
Module 9 The Original Resource document
Unit 1 The Original Body of text from the Resource document