Module 1 Welcome and How this works
Unit 1 What now
Module 2 Join the live calls
Unit 1 How to join the live calls
Unit 2 Live call: days and times
Module 3 A Creative Life
Unit 1 Keys to your creative life
Module 4 Bush Flower Healing for Creativity and Confidence
Unit 1 Bush Flowers for Creativity and Confidence
Module 5 Branding Basics for the beginners
Unit 1 Get a brand without a Graphic Designer
Unit 2 Create social media presence with your brand
Module 6 Bullet journalling
Unit 1 Intro to Bullet Journalling and some resources
Unit 2 Bullet Journalling exercises
Module 7 iPad Creativity
Unit 1 My iPad tools
Module 8 Create an eBook
Unit 1 Creating an eBook
Module 9 Business Cards and other printables in Canva
Unit 1 Create a new business card and print it with me
Module 10 Canva Library
Unit 1 Canva for Video
Unit 2 Canva Print
Unit 3 Canva Download as:
Unit 4 Canva - Free vs Paid
Unit 5 Relating to images and photos
Unit 6 Relating to your website
Module 11 Chat Logs
Unit 1 Call One Chat Log