Co-working + Voxer BOOST

I am so grateful to hang with you so if you need a little sprinle extra you can bump these on 🙂

2 weeks of Get Stuff Done and Break Though

2 x Thursday Voxer days 8am to 8pm


5 x co-working days an hour at ~10am AEST


Once you pay I’ll email you the access links for co-working and find you on Voxer 🙂

Transcript of video

If you made it to this page, this is a unique offering, I haven’t really offered it anywhere before. And there might be aspects of it that don’t really make sense.

There’s two things.

1. There’s the Voxer days.

I don’t know if you’ve done Voxer with me before, but it’s just kind of like when you send a voice message on Facebook Messenger, it’s just like that.

You can also type you can send GIFs, you can send links, it’s just messaging.

So why would I bother doing it on Voxer? Because there’s a nice piece of mental clarity there for me by doing it on Voxer. It’s a different app, separate from Facebook that I only open when I have Voxer day so I can keep my boundaries with work, life and keep off FB. If you haven’t used a Voxer before, it’s really not a big deal. It’s pretty cruisy app, they don’t ask for your phone number I think. There’s certain things they don’t ask for. So you can sign up you can access it on desktop, tablet, phone, and basically you kind of like a walkie talkie you hold down the button and talk and you let go and it sends me the message. You and I can Voxer back and forth. That’s the first piece of this offer: on Thursdays I do Voxer day.

So from 8am to 8pm. I’ll be looking at Voxer I’ll be aware of Voxer, you could be messaging me it’s a really fun and useful way to connect with each other. So if you haven’t tried it, I would recommend it. It’s really fun.

2. Co working sessions.

In each fortnight I do 5 days co-working on Zoom. There’s a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, one week and the following week is Tuesday Thursday; so there’s five hours of co working with me.

I am not going to be coaching you or giving you advice or helping you with things that don’t work because I’ll be working. This is just a way to be in like body doubling like to be in the room with me while I’m doing stuff.

I’m a generator in Human Design. Some Human Design types find it helpful to be in my energy field because I have it.

So if that seems appealing to you to co work with me, and to have me for Voxer on two Thursdays, then this could be the thing for you.

It’s really affordable and let’s hang out if you want 🙂