An Affordable Course Platform that I recommend

An Affordable Course Platform that I recommend

If you want to create courses but you don’t really want a website I have a great online course platform that I recommend.

I have spoken to so many people lately who are ready to build courses in their business but aren’t sure if they need a website and how to do it all.

Last night I was talking sewing with my awesome, sparkly diamond friend Trish about a new course platform she has been checking out on AppSumo called Gurucan.

She got me so excited about it that we jumped on Zoom today and made you a few little teaser videos about it.

YOU SHOULD KNOW: if you click the link to AppSumo anywhere on this page, Trish will earn a $10 credit on her account and you will get a $10 discount too. But no pressure – go ahead and Google it instead if you prefer <3

Ok, it was meant to be a quick and dirty but we got too excited, I accidentally clicked stop recording instead of screen share and then after we finished we realised we wanted to show you one more thing. So there are 3 little videos 🙂

Enjoy xx


Gurucan is an online course platform which means: you can creaate courses, take payment, send emails and make landing pages. But for me the clincher is the App. You get an app. 

So let’s just jump to the videos so you can watch and learn. 

Here’s video one where we pretty much show you what the user side is like – so I mean – the side that you use as the course creator: 

Video 2: Customer view + the App

Video 3: Landing pages + email marketing

We just couldn’t help ourselves…

Got questions?
Please feel free to reach out to Trish or I. We are happy to help but remember you can also see what AppSumo says about it here + I’m sure there are other YouTube reviews out there.
I hope this was helpful and I hope you have a beautiful day.

“I pay my respects and acknowledge the people of the Yuin Nation, traditional custodians of the land on which I live and work. I also pay respect to all Elders — past, present and future.”

Need a hand setting up your Gurucan?

If you’ve bought Gurucan, you might like some tech support with setting it all up. It’s not hard, but affordable help is at hand if you like…

I’m running a group mentoring beta program in May/June 2021. It will include 4-6 live calls and video intructions to help you get all set up. 

Email me to get the ball rolling or learn more here:

How to sell on the internet without a website

How to sell on the internet without a website

Many people come to me because they think that they need a website.

They probably already have a successful face-to-face business and now they would like to sell their service online. But they don’t have a website, they don’t have a Facebook page and they’re  just not sure if they really need those things so that they can sell online.

I would like to tell you number 1: there is no blanket answer to this question.

It’s really fine to just book a chat with me and I can help you make sense of it simply because I know lots of online tools and I love developing the pathways for customers to come to you.

And number two is: that definitely you can make money in your business selling online without a website.

I know because I did that exact thing in my business. I made $10k in before I had a website.

One of the main tools I recommend to people again and again to help them get around having a website is Acuity Scheduling.  I am not at affiliate for acuity anymore so that is not tainting my reasoning for recommending it to you.

I simply recommended it because it’s a versatile tool that can help you at a relatively low Cost compared to the time it takes and the money it takes to set up a website.

There are two versions of acuity basically, there is the free version and there is the paid version.  Personally I try to make-do with the free version because I have another system for receiving payments from clients. However if I didn’t want to have a website I would 100% have the paid version of acuity because of all its features.

Acuity paid version features that I particulary love

You can sell services – single sessions

You can create appointments types within Acuity.  The big bonus about this is that people can go ahead and book themselves in to your calendar without the 15 back and forth emails that it takes to do it manually.   Obviously there are a number of other tools that do this such as Calendly and others.  So  if that is the only feature you need there is no pressure to go with Acuity.

You can take payments

On the paid version of Acuity you can process payments while people book their session.  This ensures you get paid. You don’t have to worry about following up with invoices and possibly even forgetting to bill the client.

You can create packages

 If you would like to sell packages of your sessions you can do that easily in Acuity.  When a customer purchases a package they are given a unique code to use when they redeem their appointments depending on how you have set up your package.

You can create group classes

 If you are selling group classes such as paid webinars and master classes, Acuity is a great way to do this.  You can limit numbers in the class if you wish and you can also create recurring classes like an eight week course or a 6 week course.  Plus you can use Acuity to take the payment for it.

You get options for a lot of follow up emails that are sent automated

This is probably my favourite feature because on the paid version you get a lot of options for follow up emails.  This can be super useful for delivering an online class if you set up weekly reminder emails for that particular class group.

“I pay my respects and acknowledge the people of the Yuin Nation, traditional custodians of the land on which I live and work. I also pay respect to all Elders — past, present and future.”

Are you interested in being mentored and getting one on one support with setting up your Acuity?

I am in the process of developing an Acuity group program and I am looking for beta testers. Please email me if you are interested.  Also keep an eye out for more acuity training videos and posts in the future.

Email me here:

How to create a Clubhouse profile image

How to create a Clubhouse profile image

I just noticed a lot of people on Clubhouse have a brightly coloured profile pic with a border. So of course I wanted to show you how to do it.

This post is a little bit different to my usual style of teaching. Tell me what you think smile

If you like, you can use my design rather than reinvent the wheel. Please just make a copy of it so everyone can use it. 

Live Q&A With Karen Phillips and I on Clubhouse – ask us anything about websites :)

Live Q&A With Karen Phillips and I on Clubhouse – ask us anything about websites :)

Do you have website questions?

Do you want to experience Clubhouse in a female friendly, safe way? 

Karen Phillips and I are having a live Website Q&A on Clubhouse Wednesday 17th February at 11:15am AEDT. 

Join us using this link:

Or join the calendar event HERE

WTF is Clubhouse?

It’s a new and trending social media platform which facilitates live, realtime conversations between members. 
It’s an iPhone only app. 

What else can I tell you about it? Email me your questions

Content for Facebook and Instagram ads

Content for Facebook and Instagram ads

If you’re not convinced about “why” to run ads on Facebook and Instagram I’m going to send you over here first to check out a blog from my mentor George Kao. Before I started working with George, I thought making content was just something you did to “get” clients (even though my content was never really pushy like that) and now I realise that content is an act of service for my audience and my soul service to this life. But that service just blows into the ether if no-one is seeing it right? That’s why I love ads, and George has a great way of explaining it too. 

Now, to the work at hand. 

You are obviously either ready for ads, working with me on ads or ads curious. 

This post is all about the Creative for your ads: the words, images and links.

I recommend running 3 kinds of ads: 

  1. Ads to grow your audience 
  2. Ads that share your content to your existing audience 
  3. Ads that share your current offer to your existing audience

Current client? Skip down to summary >>

Once you have set up your audiences, you can run these ads easily IF you have your content in your Facebook page and Instagram feeds. So this is the first step – get your content up. 

Which content?

There are 4-5 kinds of content needed depending on how many ads you want to run so I’ll detail ALL of them here, although you may find you end up only running cool audience ads to Instagram or warm audience ads only on Facebook. 

Cool Audience on Facebook 

The best content for these ads is a text only post. 


Because the Facebook ads robot understands the behaviour of its users. By that I mean: certain people are likely to click on pretty pictures. Certain types of people are likely to click on ads that take them outside Facebook. And other people are more likely to actually read a text post. So basically if you have a Facebook post that has a great picture people might just be clicking the picture because they like the visual but they’re not actually reading your content. What happens here is you start to amass an audience of people who aren’t genuinely interested in your actual message.

This is the beauty of the text only post. If someone has been bothered to read the post and give it time and actually engage with it by liking it or commenting then you know that person is connected to your authentic message.

You can write quite a long caption but for the sake of your time economy I would encourage you to try to keep it within 2200 words because then you can use the caption on Instagram as well.

And what kind of caption should you write?

The person who sees this ad has basically never seen you or your brand before. They are completely cold to you. However they may be already exposed to messages like yours if you are using interests in your targeting rather than a lookalike. So basically the kind of content you want to share is introducing you and your unique message and also gives some value to the client. 

I actually use my free content to my cool audience pretty much like a lead magnet since I’m not really using that strategy at the moment so I give a lot of value in those posts and use them as a teaching post. I recommend trying to be very generous in those posts. See an example here

Cool audience on Instagram

If you have been savvy and kept your caption within 2200 words on your Cool Facebook ad you can definitely use the same caption in your Instagram post however as you know Instagram needs an image. 

Similar to the cool ads on Facebook I don’t recommend making a really beautiful picture. I recommend making a simple and brand aligned post. This would pretty much be just text only on a clean background in your brand colours and fonts. See an example here . If you didn’t keep your caption short on Facebook you’ll need a caption for this post – maximum 2200 words. Just like the cool Facebook ad: be generous. 

Warm Audience on Facebook – current content

These ads are a lovely way to nurture your existing audience. This will be a mixture of people who have engaged with you before you started running ads as well as all the people who engage with your cool audience ad. This is the beautiful magic of this ads approach:  as soon as someone engages with the cool audience post, they instantly become your warm audience. They don’t have to click anything, sign up for anything or go to any websites or lead pages. All they have to do is engage with the cool text post and boom! They’re immediately in your warm audience.

 It’s important to love up your warm audience. There’s no point just throwing an offer at them now and then if they haven’t seen you for months and months. And the way the Facebook page algorithm works for businesses, they probably haven’t seen anything of yours for months. So it’s important to share some great content with them. If you’re already posting content as part of your soul-service you will see that some posts get more traction than others. If you notice some posts are doing really well, then that’s a good indicator that this content is probably valuable to your entire audience. If you’ve only just started and you don’t really have much content with engagement yet you can use pretty much any  post of yours that you want the audience to see.

So what is the post?

 Live video is great to use. You can also share teaching posts with a carousel of images. Basically any post that you know your warm audience would love to see and get value from.

Warm Audience on Instagram – current content

Content on Instagram has a couple of parameters that you need to observe if you want to run that content as an ad. First up you can’t run a live video that you did on Facebook or even an Instagram TV. Video needs to be 60 seconds maximum. So it’s a good practice to start to try to do a value video on Instagram in 60-seconds. I know myself that this is not easy but these are great challenges. It’s a bit like Twitter for video: you will get better at them.

Alternatively you can simply edit a valuable chunk out of your live video from Facebook or any other video and just post a snippet. 

Other options would be a teaching style post With an image. Make sure that the caption is no longer than 2200 words. Otherwise go for it.  Any type of content that you know we’ll give value to your audience is perfect.


Now that your audience is connected with you and has been enjoying some of your valuable content it’s time to share your offer.  It is perfectly fine to start running offer ads straight away. Even though some of your warm audience are new from the cool audience ads, another chunk of your audience will be warm from your previous content or simply because they engaged with you in the past. So go for it and start running your offer ads right away.

Warm Audience on Facebook – current offer

 Offer ads can be video or image with caption. The format doesn’t matter too much as long as you comply with Facebook’s policies around language and personal attributes.  This will generally be a traffic ad where we are sending people off to a sign up page or landing page to purchase.  

You don’t have to feel weird about sharing your offer. People are looking for help just like yours. They want to connect with you and you are simply bridging that Gap. So go ahead and share your post with love and care.

You can save time by using the same post on Instagram. You need to make sure it is either a 60-minute video or a single image with a caption no longer than 2200 words.

Warm Audience on Instagram – current offer

 For your  Instagram ads you can use a Facebook post that is either a video no longer than 60 seconds or a single image with a caption with a maximum of 2200 words.

 If you don’t have a Facebook post like that, then those other kinds of posts could easily be created on your Instagram account.  Just like the Facebook ad, this ad is going to send people to a sign-up page or a landing page to purchase.  As long as this post is free from attachment, loving and authentic that is no problem sharing offers with your audience.


Cool Audience on Facebook 

Text only max 2200 words – teaching something, be generous, these people are new to you.

Cool audience on Instagram

Simple post with minimal text, caption max 2200 words – teaching something, be generous, these people are new to you.

Warm Audience on Facebook – current content

Live video is great, otherwise an image with a great value caption is great. 

Warm Audience on Instagram – current content

60-second video is great, otherwise an image with a great value caption is great. 

Warm Audience on Facebook – current offer

Image and caption OR video OR live video OR anything really. 

Warm Audience on Instagram – current offer

Image and caption OR 60-second video OR anything really.

I hope this post has been helpful. If you have more questions or would like more help from me please reach out and book a freeie chat below. 


I acknowledge the Djiringanj people of the Yuin Nation, the custodians of this beautiful land on which I live and work.

I also pays respect to all Elders past & present.

Thank you for taking such good care of the wild, beautiful places of Araganu, the coastline and forests where I get nurtured.

Do you just want some help with all this ads stuff?

Would you like to join me for an affordable Facebook ads training? It’s $49 and will walk you through this article and MORE so you can run successful Facebook ads.

Put an Acknowledgement of Country footer on Your Website

Put an Acknowledgement of Country footer on Your Website

Would you like to have an Acknowledgement of Country on your website?

Perhaps you would like to create a footer for your website that you can easily place on as many pages as you like.

The first thing you will need is to write an Acknowledgement of Country that you will pace onto your website. You can go to a Council website and copy theirs and paste it on your site but this is not what I recommend.

I recommend you go to Louise O’Reilly’s website and take her Acknowledgement of Country Masterclass. It’s only $97 and she will walk you through a beautiful, connected, loving process to write your own personalized acknowledgement of country.

 Before we start you should know that these instructions are for  people who have a WordPress website using the Divi Theme & Builder. If you are on Squarespace, Wix or you have another WordPress theme, your process will be a little bit different to this.


  1. Make sure you are logged into your website. You will know you are logged in because you will see the black bar at the top and the visual builder words: it will say “Enable Visual Builder”
  2.  Click the words:“Enable Visual Builder”enable visual builder
  3.  Create a section. Then choose a single row and choose a text module
  4.  Paste in your Acknowledgement of Country text
  5.  Format the section to have a background colour if you like
  6.  Change the colour of the text to white if you’d like
  7.  Click on the circle with a down with pointing arrow icon. This will save to your Divi library.
  8. Give it a name.
  9. Decide whether or not you want it as a global item or as a single use library item. Check out the video for more information about this
  10. Click save and exit the visual builder
  11.  Go to another page where you would like to put this footer
  12.  Click  enable visual builder
  13.  Go  to the part of the page where you want the footer or section and click the blue +
  14.  Choose from library and select the section you want. If you have made it a global section you will need to scroll down to find it
  15.  Click save and exit visual builder
  16.  Watch the video for more detailed instructions

Don’t want to do this yourself? I can help – book a free chat now 🙂

I acknowledge the Djiringanj people of the Yuin Nation, the custodians of this beautiful land on which I live and work.

I also pay respect to all Elders past & present.

The spiritual connection that the Djiringanj people have with the Yuin Country cannot be broken.

Sovereignty has never been ceded.

Thank you for taking such good care of the wild, beautiful places of Araganu, the coastline and forests where I get nurtured.

Want to do that masterclass with Louise O'Reilly?

Yep – click the button to go to her website and do that class: