Everything is here – the podcast, the YouTube vids as well as a few other posts you won’t find anywhere else. It’s like a forever free, online course. 

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Acuity Set Up

One of the best tools you can have in place for an online business is Acuity for booking sessions with clients and taking payments. You can save so much time: instead of sending endless emails or messages back and forth trying to find a mutually agreeable session...


Podcast Audio Recommendations

My husband is now a school teacher. And he spends his spare time in his music room making beautiful music that only we get to hear. When we met he was an audio technician (you know, the guys at the sound desk at a gig - very rock'n roll).  So when a client recently...


What kind of SEO does your website need?

Have you heard of SEO? But what actually is it?  Hav eyou paid THOUSANDS of dollars for SEO and feel like you don't have much to show for it?  Do you really NEED SEO for your website?  I will try to explain it a bit here for you  You can watch the video here:If...

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What is Connected Marketing

This post is about the new podcast: Connected Marketing. I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to me, Natasha Berta, and explain what Connected Marketing means to me. In this introduction podcast I also talk about what kind of content you will hear on this...

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What is SSL and why does it matter?

Have you heard of SSL?  Do you sometimes get warnings that your website or sites that you are visiting are not secure?  In this blog I'm going to explain a bit about what SSL is and why it's important for your website and for browsing on the internet in general. ...


Next Level Marketing Checklist

Once you've set up the Marketing Basics for your business you might be ready for MORE! More clients, more revenue and more marketing.  If you have your website, branding and Facebook set up and you want more, I would encourage you to walk through the following...