Have you ever tried to share your website to Facebook™ and the preview image is just totally unrelated or simply not what you want?
There is a way to make gorgeous social media previews of your website pages and posts using Yoast and Canva.
Let me show you how.

The video below shows you exactly how to do this step by step but let me outline some of the main points here for you too. You’ll find them under the video ?

Log in to your website.
Make sure you have the Yoast plug-in (I’m not an affiliate but maybe I should be haha!)
Go to the page you want to create a gorgeous social media preview for
Click on the headlights below the snippet editor
Edit the name, image and description of your post
Click update
I use Canva www.canva.com to create the correct sized image
The correct proportions are
How did you go?

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