I’m really excited to share this blog with you because it’s from our current intern, Nick. 

Nick is Connected Marketing’s second intern, currently studying Communications with a major in Advertising and Marketing. He wants to work in the industry and we hope he stays with us, but life is unpredictable right? Time will tell. 

Since Nick has focussed on advertising in his degree and his favourite unit was about creativity in advertising, I thought this would be a great chance for him to share his up to date learnings with us.

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Advertising is a fundamental component of a business and if done effectively, can greatly help grow your brand and overall business objectives.

This is no secret, but the secret itself lies within the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW of the advertising.

In this blog, I’ll be outlining a few of the absolute fundamental ideas and concepts that make the groundwork for effective advertising.

To really encapsulate what advertising is and what you need to do as a business, it’s good to understand the core components of advertising.

There are four main components of advertising.

  1. Strategy – The logic behind an advertisement stated in objectives that focus on areas such as sales, emotional appeal, or brand reputation
  2. Message – The concept behind a message and how it is expressed based on consumer insights.
  3. Media (Viral Marketing) – Targets prospective buyers by matching their profiles to media audiences. Various media have been used by advertisers over the centuries including print, broadcast, outdoor, and now digital media. Targeting ads to prospective buyers is done by matching their profiles to media audiences.
  4. Evaluation – Did it meet the objectives? Did what you want to happen, happen?

It’s important to consider when planning to do any type of advertising, especially the evaluation phase, if things worked that’s great! If things didn’t, why not? Perhaps aim to pinpoint why engagement is low.

Another important aspect of advertising is making advertising creative.

Creative ads are also key to success for a few reasons:

  • Creativity in advertising fulfills a psychological requirement of the consumer
  • It adds new perceptions and enjoyment of the product
  • To make your customers remember you!
  • Entertain your customers
  • To make your organisation more likable
  • Create a greater return for your advertising budget
  • Increase sales
  • Raise greater awareness
  • Pass it on (Viral Marketing)

Truly successful creatives create sales.

Struggling to think of inspiration?

Here are 6 steps to help get a creative idea:

  1. Immersion: read, research, learn about the problem
  2. Ideation: look at the problem from every angle; generate as many ideas as possible
  3. Brain fog: don’t give up when you hit a blank wall
  4. Incubation: let your subconscious work on it.
  5. Illumination: the idea often comes when you’re relaxed and doing something else.
  6. Evaluation: does it work? Is it on strategy?

Final Tip

One final thing to note which will aid your business is focusing on effective feedback loops so that customers and potential clients can maximize their engagement with your business. This can be through many ways such as simply, encouraging comments on social media posts or even further encouraging people to send direct messages or leave suggestions on a blog post, etc.

This ensures that a constant feedback loop is in play so that as a business you can constantly be creating new iterations and tailoring your content directly to your audience as much as possible to optimize and create higher quality brand and content engagement.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps!


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