It’s all about connections

It’s about helping you to CONNECT to more of your clients so that you can help them!

It’s about YOU and your CONNECTION to your values, your integrity and your flow. 

And, it’s about your CONNECTION to us here at Connected Marketing – what WE value and what we represent.

We support businesses to optimise all 3 tiers of their marketing.

Online Presence

Client Attraction


Developing Your Gorgeous Online Presence

Setting up your business marketing is not like it used to be. You can work from anywhere and serve people from your laptops. So your Presence is your gorgeous, magnetic website, Facebook Page, LinkedIn presence and Instagram account. How is yours looking?

Attracting more potential customers to you and helping them get to know you

Now that you have your gorgeous website and optimised social media presence, it’s time to start creating content that helps people right now AND helps them get to know you, like you and trust you. You might need in-person networking, you might need blogs and social media posts and ads. What does YOUR business need to reach your ideal cllients?

Helping people get ready to be your customer and encourage existing clients to go another round. 

When people are aware of you, and your solution to their problem, they might still need a liitle more time or information before they are ready to take the plunge. Optimising your presence for sales and nurturing customers with email are proven methods for increasing sales. Existing clients are also a great way to keep serving more people and can be supported to re-purchase AND refer the heck out of you.

If you’re not really sure what the best next steps are in your marketing and are wondering what my rates are and how I might help you, I recommend a free chat:

It’s about helping you do your maketing in a way that let’s you stay connected to you

There are a LOT of cookie cutter solutions to marketing problems out there. 

There are a lot of people out there who know what you need. 

Or do they?

I believe that you know yourself best and I am interested in co-creating a marketing strategy with you that allows you to be:




If this sounds good, let’s have a free chat to see if Connected Marketing is a good fit for your business.

but who the heck is connected marketing? 

Connected Marketing is a boutique marketing agency located on the South Coast of NSW. It is run by Natasha Berta BComm.

“I wanted to support some local women to be able to work when it suits them and contribute to our local economy.

I believe in women.

I love my local area and feel strongly about keeping it local.

So we currently have 3 people on the team as well as me and we are hoping to grow grow grow. But not at the expense of quality, personal service.

I am always having my fingers in the pie so you can trust that I will be keeping an eye on things for you even if one of the legends on the team are doing part of the project.”

Natasha Berta

I acknowledge the Djiringanj people of the Yuin Nation, the custodians of this beautiful land on which I live and work.

I also pay respect to all Elders past & present.

The spiritual connect that the Djiringanj people have with the Yuin Country cannot be broken.

Sovereignty has never been ceded.

Thank you for taking such good care of the wild, beautiful places of Araganu, the coastline and forests where I get nurtured.


Connection to clients, to our integrity and to our values.


Keeping it real, being imperfect, continuous improvement.

Quality Service

We want you to be satisfied during the project, at the end of the project. We want you to walk away a raving fan.

Care for Earth

This means simple things like not prinitng too much, loving the Cloud, using recycled materials where possible in the office. But we think these little things all help.


This is a bit abstract but ultimately this comes through in our communications; taking resposnibility and staying in our integrity.

Keeping it local

Keeping the team local as much as possible and making sure that we always know what’s going on with the project because we haven’t outsourced your work to someone outside our local area.

Who are the team?

Stay tuned. Team profiles are coming soon!

Ready to get connected?

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